Every year the Durham Miners’ Gala is in July – and it’s awesome. This year there’s a vibrant political Festival in the two days before.
The austerity and political climate we face is blighting the lives of millions in our communities, and we have to be organised if we’re going to change it. So we’re bringing together the very best in community organisers, political trainers and alternative media to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


George Stoker brings his Vampire Experience to Durham for the first time.

This is a particpataroy event for anyone who would like to join in. The aim is to work during the day to transform ideas around power, control, submission, and desire into a theatrical piece that you will perform that evening. Every participant has the opportunity to invite up to two friends or family to the evening performance. The audience will therefore be small, supportive and friendly – just like the workshop. The evening performance will commence at 7:00pm and at that time there will be no access will be possible for latecomers.

All participants must be 18+


‘Woman On Fire’ is a new, original play by the highly-acclaimed, Certain Curtain Theatre , that takes you into the fiery heart of one of the most dangerous, strange and ‘modern-women’, in history.By turns, funny, sad, tense and outrageous – but always utterly compelling – ‘Woman On Fire’ separates the myth from the truth, to leave you amazed…and moved… The story of Edith Rigby remains largely unsung. Overshadowed by the more vociferous Pankhurst women, Edith nursed a quiet fire. Yet, inside this calm, affable doctor’s daughter, raged a flame that burned white-hot – against social injustice and a political system that denied women their most basic human right – the right to be treated as citizens, in their own land – by denying them the right to vote 2018 is the centenary of when ‘some’ women got the vote in the UK

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