We are always looking to network with local artists and theatre company’s in the region. Take a look at our artistic policy and see what you think. If you think you’d make a good match, you can find out more information on getting involved with the theatre here.
We’d always love a chat so stop by the theatre for a brew and let’s get the ball rolling!

A Bit about us

As a 220 seat theatre, we are hirable for three period a year – Summer, Winter and Easter. We are particularly interested in touring fringe theatre with a relevance to our community and social change. If you think this applies to you – we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us here.


As a venue, we aim to extend a warm welcome to both the community and university students, fusing the two together through artistic development and good practice. We aim to provide the best opportunities for Durham University students, whilst also maintaining a venue that showcases high-standard work for the public to enjoy. We are constantly aiming to enhance our community presence, thus ensuring that the University can have a positive impact on the wider community through our work. We are open to external groups outside term time – offering a place for the local community to watch high quality touring theatre. We are a venue which accepts both university and local groups.

Our role is to provide access to excellent theatre for both University members and the wider community alike. A venue for all.

What we can offer

In need of a rehearsal space? We have three periods (Winter, Easter and Summer) where we are available for reasonable hire as a theatre for artistic purposes.

If you’re a local company and in need of a space – get in touch and we can see what we can re-arrange.

As a historic 220 seat proscenium arch theatre, you can adapt our space for your occasion,be that a conference, community event, cabaret, stand-up, concert or production. We operate primarily as a theatre and therefore prioritise programming touring theatre work where possible.

Our theatre has a fly rig, scene dock doors, workshop, dressing room, green room and office as well as extensive furniture, costume and prop stores.

For more information on our technical capabilities, please see here.

If you have a fancy dress event or production in need of costumes, we have a range of costumes available to hire. From Shakespearean robes to 1950’s dresses, we have a large range of costumes available to hire.

Our hires services are available only in the summer.

Please contact theatre.manager@durham.ac.ukfor more information.

We are excited to announce that every year we look to support theatre companies in the region. In teaming up we aim to support them with rehearsal space, promotion and reduced hire.

If you’d like to be considered as a Resident Theatre Company, take a look at our artistic policy and see if you match what we are looking for.

Get involved

Contact us at theatre.manager@durham.ac.uk and we can see how we can help.