Born and bred in Durham, Victoria Gimby is an award winning writer and theatre director who specialises in new writing.  After gaining her passion for theatre at the Gala Theatre Stage School and at Durham High School, she went on to train at both Mountview Academy (BA Hons) and RADA/Birkbeck (MA).
Her credits as a director include working as Associate to choreographer and Arlene Phillips and Associate on the new UK tour of Rock of Ages. As a writer Victoria has won various awards for her writing and dramaturgy, most recently being shortlisted for a Northern Writer of the Year Award 2018 in the television category. Victoria is passionate about finding innovative and unique ways of telling stories and will be using this week in The Assembly Rooms to work on her upcoming pieces ‘Run’ and ‘Operation Trojan.’
‘RUN’ tracks a group of people running a marathon, beginning at the start line and finishing as each character cross or hobble over the finish. Each with their own story to tell, our characters navigate the unexpected twists and turns of the course, as they are pushed to their mental and physical limits. The marathon is often seen as a metaphor for life; determination, persistence, and (most surprisingly for a solo race) something you cannot do alone. These inspirational lessons that each of our characters learn reach beyond the parameters of the running world and teach us far greater lessons about community, perseverance and hope. By using real stories from over 100 different runners and a score to rival any runners playlist, Run captures the true essence of running a marathon to inspire future runners to lace up. 
Victoria and her team will also be looking for more runners to interview over the course of the week and so if you are a runner/have any running stories/ ran a marathon and want to share your story, please get in touch. 
 ‘OPERATION TROJAN’ in 2014, documents alleging a conspiracy to Islamise Birmingham schools were leaked to the media, sparking a national scandal. Although proven false in court and the papers debunked, the scadal remains as divisive as ever. Operation Trojan is based on the real experiences of one particular teacher, the allegations, the suspension and the fallout for his family and the wider community, yet it was the most unexpected who stood tall in the pursuit of truth. Operation Trojan is a hopeful piece, exploring everything that connect us as a human race and what can be overcome when we bind together as one.
The troupe Victoria will be working with in fact met at Durham Stage School, with the actors going on to play leads in west end shows and in theatre in education all over the world. The show they are developing is truly northern artists coming back to their  home turf, to a local theatre and begin to work on two very exciting and original projects.
The performances the troupe are working on will hopefully return to Durham and to the Assembly Rooms Theatre when the building reopens in 2019.