Here at the Assembly Rooms Theatre we are proud to take previews of from many northern artists as well as productions on the touring circuit with Venues North. Take a look at a selection of productions that we have previously hosted below.

Above The Mealy Mouthed Sea
Jemima Foxtrot, acclaimed performance poet and theatre maker stars in Above the Mealy-mouthed Sea, a strange, funny and poignant play about the self we present to the world and the self we try to hide.

Exploring memory, childhood and what happens when you can’t quite get to the punch line, Foxtrot deftly weaves three separate narratives together in a multi-layered performance – a joke that Jemima tries to tell at the pub, buried memories from childhood, and snippets from an American pop-culture phenomenon.

 Where Do All The Dead Pidgeons Go?

Where do all the dead pigeons go? I could give you the answer right now… but it would ruin the show. Between you and me, I’m still not sure.

With felt-tip pens, and his ex-girlfriend’s overhead projector, Scott Turnbull takes us on a journey through space and time. This frolic of cartoon and comic reason miraculously weaves science fiction, memoir, parable, fairy-tale and farce… it’s weird, fast and inventive.


Days of Wine and Roses

Donal and Mona come to England to make a new life. It’s the Swinging Sixties, they fall in love and set up home. The whole world seems to be at their feet, but Donal drinks, and as Mona is drawn in to his life style their love is put to the ultimate test.

Spring Reign

Spring Reign is a powerful and compelling new play by award-winning writer Rob Johnston that tells the story of an ordinary Syrian family, struggling to survive a brutal conflict and the greatest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Combining live performance, video, original music performed live by Chris Davies, and frontline photography by Musa Chowdhury and Daniel Leal-Olivas, the story is based on first-hand accounts of Syrian refugees, aid workers, activists, conflict journalists and photographers. This authentic and moving dramatic performance highlights the personal cost of a country at war, reflecting the frustration and suffering of the Syrian people.

Romeo and Juliet

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare sets his classic story of fragile young love against the back-drop of a deep-seated family feud: Romeo loves Juliet, and Juliet loves Romeo, but Romeo’s family hates Juliet’s family, and Juliet’s family hates Romeo’s family. Tragic. The HandleBards present riotously funny all-female Shakespeare.

Police Cops

Winner of ‘The Stage Award for Acting Excellence – Best Ensemble’, ‘Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence’ and the Pulse Festival Suitcase Prize 2015, Police Cops is an adrenaline-fuelled, three man cop parody featuring supercharged physical theatre, cinematic style and uncompromising facial hair.

The Dark Room

You awake to find yourself in a Dark Room!

You, the audience, must choose an option – Will you A) Find the light switch B) Cry for help C) Go North? Come and play a live action, text-based adventure game! It’s a choose your own adventure – so choose it!’

Queens of Syria

‘I have a scream I want the world to hear’

First staged in Amman in 2013, and the subject of an award winning documentary, Developing Artists and Refuge Productions present ‘Queens of Syria’, an adaptation of Euripides anti-war tragedy, ‘The Trojan Women’.

Performed by an all-female cast of Syrian refugees, the production skilfully amalgamates the women’s own narratives of bitter exile and ferocious war into the ancient Greek text. Footage from the documentary is fused with the stage play for the first time to create a powerful, extraordinary and unique piece of theatre.