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ʺForgive me or kill me. That's the only choice you got.ʺ

South Africa, New Year's Eve 1989: a new country is about to born. On a rundown funfair somewhere in the wilderness two men confront each other, one white, one black, both with blood on their hands...

Elysium TC bring the northern premiere of Athol Fugard's masterpiece of guilt and redemption to the Spare Room, the first professional production to play in Durham's exciting new space.

Part of Black History Month. Special Q&A after the show on October 31.

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Thursday 31st October 2019 7.30pmBook tickets
Friday 1st November 2019 7.30pmBook tickets
Saturday 2nd November 2019 2.30pmBook tickets
Saturday 2nd November 2019 7.30pmBook tickets

First came Polly.  Then Annie, Liz and Kate.  And now Mary.  Five women; one fate.  Murder consumed them.  But does it define them?

Timeworks Theatre presents an imagined meeting in death of the five victims of Jack the Ripper, incorporating the bawdy humour and songs of Victorian music hall.

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Sunday 3rd November 2019 7.30pmBook tickets